“Welcome back” - Dartmouth Chamber of Trade is back!

Wow that was a quick response! After commenting yesterday on our website about the low profile of the Dartmouth Chamber of Trade they have announced their first networking meeting.

This is a welcome step from the Chamber of Trade and we recommend every business owner attends this meeting. This is the one chance you have to discuss and explain your views on Dartmouth from a business owners point of view. There are too few business owners involved in the decision making in Dartmouth and that is not good for the future economic development of the towns economy. Below find the details of this meeting:

The Dartmouth Chamber of Trade is pleased to announce its first network meeting of 2017.  All Dartmouth  businesses are encouraged to come along.  You don’t need to be a member or be invited, just turn up.

The Chamber of Trade is on a mission to unite business interest in Dartmouth and hopes to include the Naval College, the Harbour Authority, the Academy, Dartmouth Town Council, South Hams District Council, Devon County Council, event and festival organisers and of course all businesses in Dartmouth and the surrounding area.  Some might say this is a difficult task, but it has worked in the past and could work again!

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th January at 6.15pm: there will be a 30 minute presentation by the Directors ending at 6:45, up to 15 minutes for feedback from attendees (until 7:00 o’clock) and then an optional hour in the bar to catch up with everyone.

The proposed agenda is :

6:15 Introduction and Welcome
6:25 Why the Chamber is important and why you can join for free but ought to be a “full” member
6:35 Why Facebook may or may not be important to your business (this is a taster of a longer session to be held later this year)
6:40 Federation of Small Business and the Chamber of Trade discount  (this is a taster of a longer session to be held later this year)
6:45 Open session
7:00 Meeting ends, bar session begins
8:00 Bar session ends

The Chamber itself was founded in 1939, and has been run since that time by local businesses and their representatives. The Chamber seeks to provide a modern way for all businesses in the town to engage both with each other, and the most pressing issues of the time. The Chamber is a meeting place for sharing business expertise and contacts, and will promote these principles with a series of networking events.   The Dartmouth Chamber of Trade is a statutory body recognised by Dartmouth Town Council, South Hams District Council, Devon County Council, our MP Dr Sarah Wollaston, The British Chambers of Commerce and many others.


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