Unlocking the Lock-down - Action plan from Dartmouth Town Council

Councillor Cathy Campos

Dartmouth Town Council has launched a project to open up the town for visitors as the Covid-19 lock-down eases. Dartmouth Town Councillor Cathy Campos is leading the project to open up the town and has asked businesses to provide information on their opening plans. This will help both locals and visitors to enjoy our facilities whilst complying with the governments guidance on dealing with the virus.

Cathy has assembled a large team which includes Town Councillors, District Councillors, key stakeholders from Dartmouth Visitor Center and Visit South Devon (who look after the Discover Dartmouth website), together with representatives from the harbour authority and various business sectors in the town. Dartmouth Business News is helping to play a part in the lifting of the Covid lock-down in Dartmouth by keeping business informed.

As a part of this project we are establishing a central information source on the Dartmouth Town Council website. You can locate this information by clicking on the shield to take you into the DTC website.

All of the businesses in Dartmouth are going to be asked to provide information on when they are opening, what social distancing measures they will have in place and any other services they are offering while the restrictions apply.

We would urge all businesses to provide this information urgently so we can get the message out that Dartmouth is


At the same time this group is working on a marketing campaign to relaunch Dartmouth as the destination of choice for visitors to the West Country. As the lock-down lifts we must tread the difficult path between welcoming visitors back to the town in order to get our economy back on track, and at the same time ensuring our residents and visitors are safe from infection. This will not be easy but with positive support from everyone in the town we can do this.


  1. DTC should be congratulated on taking the initiative to take the lead on what will be a very hard task at the same time with keeping within government guidelines, what little time is left for businesses to amass some sort of funding to survive the forthcoming winter months its important that 100% of local businesses give there support…good luck to all involved.

  2. Discover Dartmouth wants to feature local businesses that are open or plan to open on their Facebook page - I’d encourage all business to send a photo and short description of their offering to [email protected] . Everything sent them will be posted. Let’s remind everyone what a vibrant, varied and unique range of businesses this town has !

  3. Read this poem from Kevin Pyne. The sentiment is right.

    Hold on a bit the river
    is clean the town is silent
    And with the pubs
    Shut down there is
    No late night disturbances
    Or any drunker violence

    There are no trains
    Whistles or paddle
    Steamer unnecessary
    Nor any polluting
    Vicious virus carrying aircraft
    Up up in the sky

    And while this COVID
    Thing is truly a tragedy
    It’s actually nice to be
    At peace besides the sea

    So let’s get the visitors
    Cars out of town
    And up the hill
    And bring them In by
    Cable Condoler
    So as the town is
    No longer fume filled
    Here about’s and all around

    And while visitors will be
    Welcome when they come
    Let’s end up with
    A suitable sustainable
    Town that is traffic free
    And pedestrianised
    And where to ride a Bicycle
    Is the preferred mode
    Of most if not everyone

    After all birds and bird
    Song is a more worthy
    Noise and chill out longer
    Lasting conveyers
    Then ever Charabancs or
    Motorised people
    And wild animal slayers
    Not to mention the need
    To fix the poler ice caps
    And repair the ozone layer …

  4. A good idea.
    Let’s be honest / less than 20 new infections per day in the whole of the south west, and similar across the country. So a concerted and well organised and planned local response will be very sensible. Safety first. But not paranoia.

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