Transfer of Asset’s (Liabilities?) - What do you think?

Dartmouth Town Council’s plan to take over Assets (liabilities) from South Hams District Council are coming to a conclusion, probably at next Mondays Town Council meeting. Many residents and business people are concerned about these plans and in last Fridays Dartmouth Chronicle it was announced that a proposal is ready to be placed before full Council at the December meeting where it will be discussed in depth.

Dartmouth Business News has spoken to many people, and some Town Councillors, who are concerned about the viability of these plans as there is little evidence that they have been properly financially assessed. However we have not really tried to get a definitive view from Dartmouth community. So Dartmouth Business News is conducting a short poll just to better understand how the community feels about these plans;

John Tucker
Leader of SHDC

To read more about John Tuckers views on the plans click here

To read more about the impact of the plans on our Council Tax click here 

If you have an opinion on the Town Councils plans please take the poll here:


Do you support the "Transfer of Asset's" proposed by Dartmouth Town Council?
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38 Vote
Not bothered
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This weeks Chronicle article is reproduced below:

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  1. I believe profoundly in the principle of subsidiarity. These assets are located in our Royal Borough and we should take responsibility for them. It is self evident from their recent neglect that we have little influence over the SHDC and our representatives appear powerless to protect Dartmouth’s interests in the Council.

  2. On the subject of Transfer of Assets (Liabilities) I have voted against when this was first raised and everytime since.
    I know that I am not the sharpest knife in the box and some even question if my lights are all switched on at the same time?,but if I were to sell a business plan where everything made a loss, how many would jump at the chance to take it on. if the transfer included income generation community services such as the Mayors Avenue Car Park and the Lower Ferry to reduce the level of cost to the other loss making services I would firmly vote in favour, but it does not and I firmly believe that we will leave a financial burden on future generations in Dartmouth.
    If it was stated that our District Council were being phased out then we would not have a choice other than to accept but there are no signs of that now or in the near future unless behind closed doors they know something that they have failed to share with us.
    I presume if my fellow elected members at our December team huddle vote in favour South Hams District Council will continue with its mandatory community charge and for what, they have offloaded their non profit making services and retained its income generation services? so what are we paying for other than refuse collections?
    We have already agreed that Dartmouth deserves better under the Footfall debate but on the debate of Transfer of Assets I honestly believe we will leave a legacy to future generations that will become more expensive as time marches on and will become a financial millstone around their necks, I wish I could be more supportive on this but I fail to see the logic

    • Steve - To your knowledge has the Town Council ever had a chance to vote for or against a public consultation over the transfer of Assets? Your Mayor is stating that there will not be a consultation, so can you please point me at the minutes of the Council meeting where this decision was voted on.

  3. Steve I think the Council would be well advised to take such an important decision to the community and carry out a consultation exercise. If we could be convinced the Council has the long term financial strength to take on these assets than maybe we could be convinced to support the idea. With so little information available, and with the tirade against Jonathan at the last Council meeting for “ignoring the wishes of the electorate” then I think the Council would be well advised to at least try and win the argument. My Poll is showing 3 to 1 against so far. So a proper community consultation with a written description of the plans for managing the assets together with public meetings so the tax payers can scrutinise the facts behind the takeover would be the best way forward.

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