Town Council to vote on “Transfer of Assets”

Avenue Gardens - Dave Upton

For those of you interested in the proposed transfer of assets from South Hams District Council to Dartmouth Town Council a vote will be taken at the next town council meeting on the 9th. The agenda for the meeting is reproduced below see item 12.

I would remind Councillors that 76% of the 50 people who voted in our quick poll were against the idea of the Transfer of assets. The Town Council would be wise to consult with the people of Dartmouth, as previously promised, before taking the final decision on this issue.

This meeting will also include a report from the Mayor on his meeting regarding the CCG and Riverview situation, see item 11.

I recommend that those of you interested in the future health provision for Dartmouth attend this Council meeting to hear the Mayors update.


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  1. I don’t understand how the decision to take on these “assets” can go ahead - with so little public support - and such a potential catastrophe ahead and for long after these current councillors are voted out of office,
    Where were the determined council resolutions that should have supported the retention of our hospital?
    What were their actions when the Riverview proposals fell through and the town was left without the expected care for over a year?
    Where were the determined council resolutions in support of saving at least ONE bank?!
    Where is our town council in the face of all the needs of this treasured town?
    I am horrified that so much of our money can be spent on a lift and the sprucing up of the Guildhall when there are so many more important issues being simply sidelined or ignored.
    Is this not criminal?!

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