Town Council rejects proposal to close BID Company

At an extraordinary Town Council meeting held last night, the 28th April, the BID Boards proposal to close the BID Company was rejected by Councillors. After speeches by several Councillors, 9 Councillors voted to reject the BID Boards proposal. This means that their single vote will be cast against the BID Company closure.

The Mayor, Councillor Rob Lyons, graciously allowed me to clarify the legal position of the BID in order to assist Councillors in their deliberations. I confirmed that closure of the BID Company did not legally end the BID project. I explained that the BID in the legal sense is the 5 year business plan, which defines the BID District, developed by the BID task force in consultation with over 160 Dartmouth Business owners, before the vote in October 2013 . The BID Company is simply formed to deliver the BID Plan after the establishment through ballot of a legal BID district, and it’s closure does not end the legally formed BID District. This information is based on advice from experts in BID legislation.

Councillors expressed mixed feelings about the BID and I agreed that the BID Company has failed to deliver many of the projects outlined in the BID Plan. I recommended that the proper action to take in these circumstances is not to close the BID Company, but to strengthen the BID Management team to ensure that the BID plan can be delivered. No one can doubt that managing the BID has been a difficult task, but successful companies are those that navigate their way through these management difficulties and come out the other end a stronger company. That is what is required of the BID Company.

I noted that no member of the BID Board was present at the Council meeting.

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  1. Dartmouth Traders are on their knees without intervention they will be on there backs with legs kicking, we have a moral responsibility to support this last ditch effort to improve with the proviso that professional skilled personal are driving this forward.

  2. A useful update and now is the time for the different organisations, town council included, to set aside differences and work together as partners.

    I have checked a recent email to me from the current BID chairman who in it said to me “I still absolutely believe in the concept of a BID, & still believe that it would be very good for Dartmouth” - I am confused as to why a chairman would believe one thing and try and do something else, for whatever reason - and the lack of any alternative being proposed is perhaps the key reason to get behind what is already there and find a way to make it work - together as a strong set of aligned partners.

    I sincerely hope the people voting can see the bigger picture opportunity in working through issues together and vote to keep the BID and to energise behind it to deliver a sound business plan that I think has the right aims of growing local employment and sustainability in the long term for business and visitors alike.

  3. Good decision by the Council. The question is who is willing to pick up this very difficult task of managing the BID

    • Michael

      As the instigator of the project I would relish the opportunity to manage the delivery the Business plan. I have the relevant experience however it will need at least 6 to 8 more active Directors to support the proper delivery of the Plan. Let’s see if enough committed and qualified people step forward.

      Paul Reach

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