Strong comments from DBN readers

  • Here are a couple of comments from past posts. They illustrate the strength of feelings around the BID.
  1. Personally I think the BID board are totally missing the point and the inward facing focus on past errors and arguments about who does what in the town are unprofessional and something to be ashamed of.

    Instead of all the infighting who is actually looking up and out ? For example check this out from the National Coastal Tourism Academy (link below) – quite clearly Dartmouth has lots to offer the under 35s and this report clearly states how to reach them, explains the segments, motives and opportunities. Dartmouth is not a sleepy stayed coastal town but a vibrant active town with a local population and a tourist population and a need to develop to meet the needs of both – and that working together can attract this segment much more than now for everyone’s benefit.

    While the town is busy arguing, I wonder whether anyone is actually exploring how funding can be put to good use in tapping into this kind of research – something the BID should be doing ? I think so

    I would emplore The BID board to stand up and be counted and start showing people what can be done rather than hold its head in shame and giving up. In my view the BID should not give up.

    I feel that the BID board is letting the town down badly and wanted to show that perhaps people are too busy naval gazing to look up and out and see this kind of thing and the opportunity it brings

    I hope you might share this research and start energising people towards the future not the past. Show people what can be done not what can’t.

  2. I agree with your comments Colin. The BID still has the potential to deliver positive results over the next 3 years for levy paying Dartmouth businesses who invest in the town, create jobs and stimulate economic growth. For that to happen, it is crucial that the right Board is in place with a sufficient number of Directors representing the various business sectors focused on the business plan and not on placating the vocal minority of people who always look backwards not to the future and who will never support what the BID is designed to achieve, under any circumstances.

    I’m dismayed to read some people suggesting that the BID should end now and the money still in the accounts be used to help invest in the town. Why walk away from another 3 years of hundreds of thousands of £’s of investment? How likely is it that Sainsbury’s M&S LIDL and others will contribute in future without the BID? How else will the town’s businesses have the opportunity to invest thousands of pounds free from local or national government interference?

    Our business has voted for the BID to continue, and I hope that as was the case in the original ballot, the majority of other businesses that vote will do the same.

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