Springboard weekly footfall report - week 30

Dartmouth Business News is delighted to report that we have been given exclusive rights to publish Springboards footfall figures for Dartmouth on a weekly basis. Springboard, the international high street data specialists, has revealed to DB News that they still have their footfall counting cameras installed in two locations in Dartmouth and they are still gathering Dartmouth footfall data.

Springboard have just agreed that Dartmouth Business News will be allowed exclusive rights to report these figures, in comparison with both the West Country footfall data and the UK footfall data. This will give local businesses some useful information on what market conditions are, and it will also provide the incentive for the Town Council to offer more support in stimulating Dartmouth’s economy.

We expect to receive the data every Tuesday and will undertake to publish them on our website as soon as they are received (within reason)


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  1. The need to accept that sadly Dartmouth is no longer a Market trading town as it was in my young and tender years but its now a visitors town.
    Empathise now should be targeted on attractions, sad to say but its fact the local population of which the majority all year live up in Townstal and they have no need other than visit the Chemist or the Dr’s to be seen in Dartmouth town and when River View opens its doors with a Health and Wellbeing hub including the Dr surgery and a chemist there will be less need for locals to venture into the Town…the Main Post Office in Victoria Road will be the only reason to footfall in the town as the excellent sub post office services run at Townstal are restricted to Post Office services so its obvious footfall in town will will diminish so the future is to target the day visitors to spend.

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