Springboard weekly footfall data is back

Springboard marketing Director Diane Wehrle has kindly agreed to provide footfall data for Dartmouth high street up until the end of the year. I asked for this data to help us understand how we are performing coming out of the retail lockdown.

This data gives us both a week on week and a year on year comparison for the UK, the West Country as a whole and for Dartmouth. It will show us how we are performing compared to other areas and will help us to drive the economy of the town forward after the crisis.

Here is the first data and remember the camera has been operating for the last 5 years so the year on year data is accurate. Remember also that there is only one camera in the Quay so it gives a very light picture of footfall in the town.

It shows that Dartmouth is roughly on a par with the rest of the country as far as annual comparisons show but it is too early to make any deductions so far. After the first retail opening today we will get a better picture of how we are developing.

If you want to see the camera it is in the top left window of the Salcombe Ice cream Shop in the Quay.


  1. Great news that we now have access to this data thanks for facilitating Paul , the Dartmouth Recovery Forum is in the process of trying to obtain parking usage data from SHDC and also Townstal Road traffic flow data to supplement this info.

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