Springboard Dartmouth Footfall report - Week 41

Here is the footfall report for week 41

Again it shows a dramatic drop compared to the same week last year. It will be interesting to see what effect the food festival has on footfall this week.

There is one simple reason for this dramatic drop in visitors. Dartmouth has not changed, it is still a great place to visit so the problem is not the destination, but we are simply not telling people about it. Marketing Marketing Marketing! Who said that once? We simply don’t have any organisation feeling responsible for marketing the Town to the Tourism sector apart from the individual businesses in the town. The reasons are numerous. Funding, expertise, recognition of the problem, understanding of the problem and finally a commitment to change.

We simply present the information in the hope that someone will recognise the problem and take the responsibility to respond. The Business Forum responded in 2013 with the Dartmouth BID (hence the availability of the footfall data) but without a response from existing organisations this decline will continue.


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