Sarah Wollaston MP in Dartmouth tomorrow 8th Feb 2019

This article was posted on the South Hams Gazette website today. This meeting will probably be well attended so get their early if you want to attend:

Public meeting with MP Sarah Wollaston


by Charley Adams - Dartmouth Chronicle

At the Townstal Community Hall, people across the South Hams are invited to come and listen and talk to Dr Wollaston.

It will run from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

This will be an opportunity to discuss important Dartmouth issues such as the loss of the Cottage Hospital, Brexit, decline in the footfall etc etc. However with only 1 hour it will be difficult to cover all of these areas  in the time available.

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    • Paul, I think you will find that the security people will have insisted on this. Life as an MP today is quite a challenging business as you can imagine. That is why I held back this post until now. Sarah has been the target of threats in the past so I agree with their approach.

  1. gay men had to leave the area due to lack of your support from Avonwick these predators remain allowed to be homophobic why! Live west need to be addressed please via you

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