Remember the BID 5 year plan?

For those of you who have lost track of what the BID promised in 2013 here is a copy of the plan.

It is worth reading again before the BID Board ask members to vote on closing down this opportunity.

The questions you must ask before deciding how to vote are :-

  1. Would Dartmouth benefit from the implementation of this plan?
  2. Has the BID Company delivered this plan so far?
  3. If not what action should we take?

Your options are

Closure of the BID (i.e. give up)


Change the Board (keep trying to deliver)

If you decide to close the BID there will not be the option to try again later, as no organisation would fund Dartmouth to create a BID after one failure. We needed £54000 which came from Lottery, SDCLAG, SHDC, DTC, TIC and Business Forum, plus a donation of £2500 from the Dart Gallery.

If you decide not to close the BID  then a new Board can be formed with the commitment to deliver the original plan. This Board may include some existing Board members but there must be total belief in the plan and a determination to deliver it.

There are NO other options!

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