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Avenue Gardens looking their best.
Fashion show

If you want to let the businesses of Dartmouth know about your events, be it fashion show, product launch, exhibition, special offer or shop opening, then let them know for free through the Dartmouth Business News website.

We will post your event on our site so you can either direct an email campaign to the site, or ask TQ6 Marketing to design and manage an email for you. There will be a small charge for the email but it is the most effective way of getting your event in front of 380 readers in Dartmouth.

This service is aimed at non-profit organisations in the town. We know how difficult it is for you to raise funds to do this kind of promotion so use our free service.

Dartmouth Food Festival

Provide a brief write up and preferably a photo or two.

Contact us through our contact page or on 07971 636634

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