Preparing Dartmouth to open for business

We are now approaching the point when the Government will be lifting restrictions on retail and tourism trade. We thought it might be useful to research the assistance that is available to help businesses comply with any rules that may apply on opening. Social distancing for instance, protective clothing and masks and plastic counter screens are all items that you may have to purchase i order to comply with the rules.

Before that here is some advice from Adam Edsel which might be of value to some Dartmouth business owners:

Self-Employment Grants available IN ADDITION to Business Grants
It has become clear recently that there is some confusion amongst Dartmouth Small Business Owners as to whether, having claimed their £10,000 Business Grant from SHDC, they would be eligible for a Self-Employment Grant from HMRC in addition. The answer is a categoric YES. The 2 schemes are entirely separate and do not request information on whether one grant has been received when applying for the other. So, if you are a self-employed small business owner (not a Ltd Company) who has already received your £10k business grant you should now apply to HMRC to check your eligibility and claim your Self-employment payment. To do this go to: Your grant will be based on a pro rata payment of 3 months profits, calculated against HMRC’s calculated Net Taxable Profit for your tax year 2018-19, up to a maximum of £7500. If your business is a partnership then each partner who submits their own Self-Employment return, is separately eligible for a grant. I hope this helps. Adam Edsall, Dartmouth Town Councillor.

Here are a few ideas about preparing for opening your business - what you can buy and where you can buy it.

This article is prompted by a Facebook post by Helen Lloyd, who suggested I should post details on this website to help local businesses prepare for opening

Helen’s idea of a plastic counter screen is probably the most needed item to protect your staff. This was Helen’s source   (Click on image to go to supplier website.)


David Jones from Manna from Devon suggested an alternative supplier, Abbey Plastics from Newton Abbot. (keep it local)



It appears the Range is selling face masks at a knock down price as well. Much to the annoyance of a few customers who feel they should go to care homes.








The Government has also published detailed rules for businesses to help compliance with Covid guidance and support:


Also just in Giles Halliwell on Lower street has found a supplier of floor stickers for social distancing:

Found stickers for carpets and floors that not too daft price…

Also from Giles is this offer from BIRA (Retail asociation) of free temporary membership during the crisis. They are offering help and support to retailers in handling their Covid response when they open again.

Coronavirus Guidance


If you know of any other suppliers who can help us get ready to rock and roll then please add details in the comments section below and I will research and incorporate details into this post.

Dartmouth Town Council are holding a Zoom meeting on Monday to bring together a group of people to decide how Dartmouth can best get ready for what is left of the season after the lockdown. We will be looking at issues like parking, social distancing rules etc. So I will keep you posted as more information emerges from those discussions.


  1. We have a number of suppliers for PPE around the country including Vizors, Gloves and masks. Although these are becoming more difficult to get hold of I am happy to share. But you may be better putting together a purchasing consortium in Dartmouth otherwise you may struggle to get reasonable prices.

  2. Yes, Care Homes are important BUT I dare suggest that the rest of the community (you and me) are at least as important for scarce PPE needed for ev day life and work - so less of the moral blackmail please. Facemasks ought to be freely available, encouraged and promoted to ALL.
    Care Home occupants are already in a protected bubble - the rest of us are NOT.

  3. Really useful information thanks for researching and posting this. Essential reading for any public facing

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