We have been asked to circulate this pro-forma letter to be filled in by Dartmouth and district accommodation providers and sent to our MP Anthony Mangnall. It concerns the impossible regulations to be applied when allowing accommodation providers to open on the 4th July. Please cut and paste the letter into an email and complete the details of your own business where indicated.

Anthony Mangnall MP


Here is the draft email for you to send to your MP. Just cut and paste into an email, add the green details, add the email address of your MP and hit send. 

MP for Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Totnes & Brixham[email protected]
(Insert Owners detail and address, MP’s will only look at correspondence from Constituents)

Dear (insert name of your MP)

As you can see we are one of your constituents and have a holiday accommodation business called (insert name) that we are desperately keen to open on (4th July England, 10th July Wales and 15th July Scotland, delete as necessary).

We have two urgent questions that will determine whether it is worth even opening.

Firstly, we are told that we have to write a risk assessment in order to be able to open, that seems sensible, but what is hidden in there are the rules that if and when guests developing symptoms whilst on holiday they have to stay and self-isolate with us.

We are terrified by this proposal. It is completely unworkable. It is not supported by Local Health Trusts and will cause chaos. As business owners we are not qualified to determine who is or isn’t showing signs of COVID-19. In Short…. If a holiday cottage on a complex, or a home on a holiday park, hotel room or b&b room was identified by the other guests as effectively being a COVID isolation ward then that would cause huge problems for the business operators and for other holiday makers. If local residents thought that accommodation in their area was being used in this way, we will have a real storm of problems to deal with.Who pays for the extended stay and who pays to compensate guests who then cannot come?It is clearly open to abuse by guestsHow would cleaning and getting supplies to them operate, many are in rural areas where Ocado is not available
This is completely insane. If they have travelled as a family unit, they go home as a family unit, socially distancing all the way. We, the businesses, then deep clean according to the protocols.

Secondly, if we are limited to only having one family allowed to stay, all the properties that sleep more than five will not be able to open and trade. This is simply not fair, you can fly on an aeroplane with 100 other families, in a confined space and the Government says that’s OK. Self-catering offers the safest possible holiday accommodation in the UK, we have been provided with rigorous cleaning protocols, which we will be following.

You have let the airlines fly and the shops open under reasonable guidelines, now please ask the Tourism Minister to remove these, possibly unintended, unfair rules, and quickly. His email is [email protected].

These are key issues that owners must have addressed in order to write risk assessments and prepare for opening and have some chance of generating enough income to survive.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

With thanks (insert name)

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  1. Why aren’t the TIC heralding this ? Or are they ?

    And DIG the Town Council ? Yes we have day visitors spending in shops, but with B&B’s looking less and less viable, this is all we need (not).

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