Parking Survey results are in

The County Council Parking survey results are in. If you really want to read them all then click below to download the results in PDF format. First I would warn you to get the supplies in as it is a long and difficult read.

I have not attempted to draw any conclusions from the results as they are hard to analyse. We should perhaps wait until the Powers that be draw some conclusions and see if we understand them and agree. What I do find disappointing is that although 594 people received the survey in most cases the answers were only completed by under 100 people. I presume this is because some of the questions were selective and only appeared if you answered in a specific way.


I have noticed that this report was circulated confidentially and includes some personal data for respondents so I will suppress the link temporarily. When it is made public I will release the data again. I think it is important for this information to be made public so I will wait for instructions from DCC.







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