Own an original painting for £35 - Flavel fundraiser

Some of you may remember the annual Dart Gallery charity postcard draw we used to run as owners. Every year our artists would provide a small painting or original print free of charge which you could win by buying a lucky draw ticket. Every ticket won a painting. Over a period of 10 years we raised over £39,000 for local charitable organisations including Dartmouth Caring, Children’s Hospice South West, The Flavel, the Scouts and Guides and the Townstal Community Hall where we installed a Playstation and TV for the youth club, plus others.

Well this year Brenda is organising the same postcard draw but this time on behalf of the Flavel Arts Center.

We anticipate over 60 paintings will be donated to this draw and we will only sell as many draw tickets as we have paintings. So if you buy a ticket for £35 then you will win a painting, you just don’t know which one it will be. All of the paintings will be mounted by yours truly! ready for framing. (special frame price available at the D’art Gallery, courtesy of Edward and Tom)

You can read all about it on the Flavel website by clicking on the Flavel header:

On Friday 29th May 5:30pm - 6:30pm there will be a drinks reception open to the artists and ticket-holders when tickets and artwork will be matched by a random draw to reveal who has secured which painting.

Just to give you an idea of the quality of submissions (all provided free of charge by the artists) here is a sample of the postcards:

Simon Drew
Philip Batley
Natalie Rymer
Natalie Rymer
Nagib Karsan
Lorraine Calaora
Linda Tudor
Linda Tudor
Keith Helmsley
Kate Richardson
Kate Barker
Jan Trevorrow
Emma Williams
Emma Williams
Donald McLean
Chris Holt
Amanda Hoskins
Alice Leach


Chris Forsey - Town Quay
Amanda Hoskins - Moon over the Dart
Clare Wiltshire - Reflections
Don Mclean - Still Life
David Norman - Venice
Ian Gunn- Putting on my Top Hat
Daniel Downey - Balloon Dog
Paul Reach - Breakwater - Linoprint


John Gillo - The Apprentice
Sally Anne Fitter




Simon Drew - Game of Phones
Simon Hart - Dreaming Spires


Rob Childs - Coastal rocks
Kate Barker - Kingswear Quay










Christine Mason - Hedgerow

Jilly Sutton - Snowy Angel
Nicholas StJohn Rosse - Study

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