November UK footfall summary from Springboard


Please see below the Springboard UK retail footfall figures for the month of November. The key points are;


·         Footfall in November increased on average by 0.2% year-on-year, an improvement on the figure seen for November 2016 (-1.0%). This was above the 3-month rolling average of -1.0% and the 12-month rolling average of -0.4%.

·         The South East and North & Yorkshire each showed strong growth of 1.6%, followed by West Midlands (1.1%), East Midlands and Wales (0.9%), East (0.8%).

·         Greater London recorded a slight decline of 0.1%, a deceleration compared to last year’s decrease of 0.8%; however, this is the fifth month of consecutive decline. The only shopping location to show positive growth for this region was the High Street.

·         The East continues to outperform all other regions, now celebrating 12 months of consecutive growth, and remains consistently above the UK average.

·         East Midlands High Street Footfall saw a return to growth of 1.7, bringing an end to the previous 8 months of consecutive decline.

·         The deepest decline in footfall in November occurred in Northern Ireland (2.4%), Scotland (2.0%) and South West (1.5%). Greater London footfall decline improved to 0.1% from 1.3% in November, bringing it closer to its 12-month average of -0.3%.

·         Of the three shopping locations, Shopping Centres were the poorest performers, growing in South West and Wales only. High Street showed positive growth for all but three regions: Greater London, Northern Ireland and South West. Retail Parks continued to show growth, however at a decelerated rate 0.3% (3-month rolling average) compared to 1.8% six months ago.

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