Message to all local businesses - Free help from Property Flood Resilience experts!

Message from Cllr Diana Case:

Whilst COVID remains extremely challenging for businesses, businesses still face other risks, of course. With that in mind, I’ve been talking with the Cornwall Community Flood Forum about their programme, funded by DEFRA, to help businesses in the South West with Property Flood Resilience. This series of 5 FREE workshops will give business owners a better awareness of property flood resilience, a 1:1 look at your specific business flood risk with a specialist, free access to a property flood resilience consultant and contractor with a survey for protection equipment at your site, a solution to getting more affordable flood insurance, etc. To learn more, watch this 1min video – note: this mentions a January start but this has now been moved to April. Spaces are limited so don’t delay the opportunity to book your place here.

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