1. About 5000 residents live in lower Dartmouth and 5000 in Townstal. The Dartmouth Health Care catchment area extends from Torcross to Dittesham including Blackawton, and these comprise 10,000 further residents. Is the Dartmouth Health Care survey to include all these populations

  2. The Dartmouth Healthcare Action Group agenda item (4)..Siphoning off NHS funding to SHDC proposed H & W center maybe considered by some as an unfair and biased statement, my own personal view is, what choice have we got when we have been repeatedly informed by the hierarchy of the CCG including our own Member of Parliament that Dartmouth & Kingswear Cottage Hospital will not reopen with respect to all fighting this battle perhaps the time is ripe to fight for what we want included in this new proposed site and 100% battle on for care beds,Beacon Court may well be the temporary solution but not long term…I know that the CEO of the Trust confirmed at the PPG AGM that they are no longer looking at Riverview as an option understandable at a market value price tag of £8 million…but I get annoyed everyday that I walk past that place and see an 80 room facility unused what a shame, I said when it was built that it would be a white elephant and sadly I was proved right, how much longer is this state of the art facility going to lay dormant, what a dream it would be to this community if Riverview owners decided to cut their losses and sell it to the NHS for £2 million or less but then again I still believe in Father Christmas.

    • Steve, I think the point DAHAG were trying to make was that SHDC borrow money at a higher interest rate than the health trust. The difference is equivalent to a nurses salary. They were arguing for redeveloping the site of the existing cottage hospital rather than the new site leased to us by SHDC as it will cost less than the new top of town site.

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