Let us know your opinion on the Embankment hospitality areas

Many of you will have visited the south embankment in this lovely weather and seen, or used, the hospitality areas laid out there.

We want to find out what Dartmouth thinks about this idea and should it be allowed to continue permanently during the summer season. We want a simple yes no answer so please take our poll below.

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Thank you for your help and remember that we are working on the Neighbourhood Plan at this time. This idea could therefore be incorporated as a request from the town. You will be asked to vote on the Plan when it is ready so help us to decide whether to include this idea in the Plan.


  1. Paul - hard to just say yes or no as I feel there are certain things that need to be taken into account if it becomes permanent.

    • Helen, thanks for the comment but if you approve with conditions put the conditions here in a comment. I need your input for the Neighbourhood plan policy proposal.

  2. Of course keep the tables. It’s a no brainer!! Looks like the South of France on the embankment now…… wonderful ☀️☀️☀️

  3. Using the embankment as an ‘al fresco’ Dining/ drinks area is to be welcomed. If it becomes permanent, the following should be taken into account:
    Traffic calming measures
    Prevention of ‘creep’ by the establishments with seating / tables. Its primary purpose as a promenade must be respected.
    A suitable standard of furniture to be used so that visually it remains attractive.
    Marquees are not acceptable, though gazebo would be, I think.
    There would probably have to be some modifications to the current parking provisions.

  4. Yes for the limited use of the embankment as al fresco dining but not with marquees. This should not prevent its use as a promenade, so no gradual creep of the restaurants’ tables and chairs.

  5. Yes to keeping the alfresco dining on the Embankment but I think it should be with no marquees. It would also be nice if all areas could have the same tables, chairs and large umbrellas to unify the look. I guess traffic calming may need to be looked at too.

  6. Totally support as is such little outside space devoted to this kind of use. Consider complete pedestrianising the section from harbour office down to lower ferry queue and manage lower ferry traffic through one way set up from Paul Barclay to Ferry entrance ?

    There may be a better way, but it would be a good ambition to fully pedestrianise some elements of south embankment which would help establish the outside seating / eating and drinking which is much needed given such very limited outside space for such in dartmouth.

    • Colin,

      I’d suggest that creating a one way set up to go down Oxford Street to then turn left onto Lower Street for the outgoing lower ferry is not practical or desirable for several reasons.

      It would create significant daily traffic jams in the narrow Oxford Street, increasing pollution in those areas in the process. It would also require reduced on street parking in that street and Lower Street when the town centre already does not have enough capacity as it is. Commercial vans and camper vans etc would also find it pretty tight to turn left out of Oxford Street in one go!

      Those factors could potentially seriously damage the businesses in Lower Street and Oxford Street and surrounding area, already facing the massive challenge of recovering after the lockdown. Traffic calming on South Embankment and better park and ride options to reduce traffic may help in the shorter term, but has the demand for permanent outdoor eating options on South Embankment been sufficiently established yet to justify experimenting with pedestrianisation?

  7. Yes to the ‘Café Culture’ on the South Embankment BUT please do not let it tun into a replica of the North Embankment during Regatta (fast food stalls, etc.). I appreciate that The Seahorse had a flood so had to make alternative arrangements (i.e.a tent on the South Embankment) but I cannot see why Rockfish should also be allowed a tent. Please, no tents & no cooking on the South Embankment. All cooking to be done indoors. Tables, chairs & maybe a few parasols but NO COOKING!

  8. the Hospitality areas on the south Embankment have, in my opinion, brought a slice of the Mediterranean to Dartmouth. To be able to sit comfortably and enjoy great food and drink is just what the town needed this Summer and hopefully it will become a regular sight for years to come. It was also good to see the varied approach with the Seahorse offering ‘al fresco’ cooking as well as dining. For visitors I believe it added to there experience and I’m sure it will only get better over the years.

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