Heart of the West LEP hosting workshop on Future High Street Fund

The Heart of the West LEP is hosting a workshop on applying for the Future High Street Funding. I will be attending this workshop to gain a better understanding of how to apply for it. We will not succeed in this first round of funding but we might succeed in the second round in 2020. So it is worth learning a bit more.

To learn more about the workshop click below:


  1. Dartmouth High Street business must know that of the 12 towns which received £1.2m government funding in 2012 under the Mary Portas scheme, not one showed any slowing of the rate of business closures. If I were allotting new funding I would not give it to any town without a plan to spend the money. Or to any town with the sort of plan which had failed in Mary Portas towns to date. A disordered Brexit is now weeks away and I would advise Dartmouth businessmen to support their MP’s attempts to avoid this instead of pressing ahead without counting the economic costs. And if there is a second Brexit referendum to change their minds and vote against Brexit altogethrr.

  2. Brian this funding is for capital projects only so cannot be used for eg marketing campaigns. It can be used to restore old buildings to use again and for car parking changes etc. Dartmouth does not have a neighbourhood plan yet so you are right we do not know where we would spend the money if we got it. Ivybridge has a plan with the support of several thousand residents so they will be the first to apply. However there is a second round of funding in 2020 so we are trying to get our neighbourhood plan in place to apply for that one.

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