Health and Wellbeing group meeting - the full video

Last nights meeting of the DTC Health and Wellbeing group was well attended and you can follow the whole meeting below on a YouTube video made by John Walker.

You will see that there were many stories about the hardship created in the town by the NHS Trust decision to close the Cottage Hospital before alternative arrangements were made. Not helped of course by the collapse of the negotiations with the owners of Riverview (which is still on the market).

Councillor Ged Yardy

Like many meetings before have shown, the problems are very apparent, what is not clear to us is how the town is going to speak with one voice to put forward a proposal that meets the long term healthcare needs of the community and is acceptable to the NHS Trust with its budget constraints. In the past there have been too many groups with contradictory agendas meaning the town has looked divided over what solution it wants.

Our own question to the Council was about the process not the content. How will we speak with one voice as a community and how will we decide exactly how the town wants its healthcare needs satisfied.

Now the Town Council has finally accepted responsibility for leading this campaign I feel there is more hope that we can reach a positive conclusion. Cllr. Yardy , one of the DIG campaigners, has extensive business experience in the healthcare field and is well equipped to take this campaign forward. we will watch with interest and report on progress over the next months.

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