Footfall report for Dartmouth

As stated before in this News blog the footfall cameras installed by Springboard for the Dartmouth BID are still in place and still recording Data. Dartmouth Business News now has an agreement with Springboard for the exclusive publication of weekly footfall results comparing Dartmouths weekly and annual performance to both the West Country and to the UK.

We now have the first results under this agreement and they are as follows:

Dartmouth footfall Wk 31





This shows that Dartmouth performed better on average than both the West Country and the UK in the week on week and year on year figures. However these figures must be taken in context as our previous reports show our footfall is still about 40% down on the 2008 figures so we still need to work hard to recover to those levels.

Dartmouth Business News will record these figures and compare them long term in chart form but the first results are encouraging.

The week 32 figures are included below:

Wk 32 footfall figures

Here are the weekly footfall figures from the Springboard cameras. For reference remember these are situated by the Castle Hotel and at the junction of Duke street and Fosse street.

Again they show a positive trend compared to the West Country and the UK and we can probably put this down to the influx of people for the Woofstock festival showing what a positive impact this event had on the town.

To keep it in context though we must remember that footfall today is still about 40% down on 2008/9 figures so we need to see a steady growth at this level to return to the heady days of 9 years ago.

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