Do you support a zero waste shop in Dartmouth?

We have been approached by a business currently located in Torbay to carry out a survey on the need for a zero waste shop in Dartmouth. We think this is a great idea and so we are posting the survey sent to us by Dana Kocisova, who is thinking of opening such a business in the Arcade. Here is her message to me and below it you will see a link to the survey that she has created. Please help her with this decision if you can.

Hi There! I was hoping that you can share a little survey on your page. I am opening a zero waste shop in Dartmouth and would like to know what people think about it, whether it is something they’d welcome there. I currently have one open in Torquay, if you are not familiar with that kind of shop, it is a way of shopping where people can bring their own jars to refill various of dried foods such as pasta or cleaning products such as washing up liquids (sustainably sourced) so it reduces food waste, is kind to nature and mainly it is plastic packaging free so tackling pollution and climate change. I would be most grateful for your help and here’s the link“.

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