DIG candidates hold an open public meeting

The DIG candidates

The DIG candidates held an open public meeting last night (15th April) at the Flavel church. The meeting was well attended and an open question and answer session stimulated debate on several important subjects.

Graham Evans opens the public meeting

The need for more affordable housing,  the economic development of the town to create employment for the younger members of the community,,the topical subject of local health provision and the issue of local policing were just some of the subjects that were discussed in depth. The candidates were well informed and their answers showed they understand both the problems the town has and some of the ways to address those problems.

Jonathan Hawkins, our District and County Councillor, gave a short talk explaining some of the challenges the group face if they succeed in being elected to Council. He stressed the importance of maintaining a good relationship with the District and County Councils as they hold much of the power and funding.

They have now established an email address for the whole group so if you want to ask them questions or make suggestions on what their priorities should be this is the address to use. Otherwise they will be holding public meetings every Monday at 7pm until the election day. The next meeting will be held at the Townstal Community Hall. Their new email address is

[email protected]

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  1. Dear Paul
    Your summary covering the meeting is very interesting with vital subjects mentioned.
    I was disappointed that there was no mention of law and order! For example, the total lack of a police presence in the town currently, the resultant speed of traffic and the uncontrolled cycling on the pavements along The Embankment. A criminal offence.
    Congratulations on all you do for the town sir.
    Warm regards, Tony Buxton

    • Actually Tony that was remiss of me because the subject of local policing did come up and is a subject that the DIG group will be campiagning on. They agree that we need a stronger police presence in the town.

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