Manor Gardens as a community asset may be under threat. Current owners South Hams District Council have closed the public toilets and approved the controversial planning application for the Boathouse lift shaft.  Its prime location could make it a tempting and lucrative site for further development. 

For this reason Dartmouth Town Council would like to acquire Manor Gardens from South Hams, in order to ensure that it remains much loved and beautiful public open space. We would protect it from any further private development.  Professional plans have been drawn up to renovate the public toilets and open a café on the site, which would fund the upkeep and maintenance of Manor Gardens and so ensure it remains open to all.

Our first step is  to get  Local Green Space Designation for Manor Gardens this will ring fence this beautiful space. Once it has that protection, we would ask South Hams to return ownership of the site to Dartmouth Town Council. The Town Council would then implement its plan for Manor Gardens to become  a self-sufficient open space.  This beautiful part of our riverside will then continue to be enjoyed by both residents and visitors to our town. Please consider signing this petition  so that Manor Gardens is protected now and for future generations. http://chng.it/ffFZmYNK


  1. Green spaces in Dartmouth are vanishing fast.
    We must wake up before its too late and we are left with a urban concrete jungle with nowhere to relax and enjoy our wonderful views

  2. Hi Richard sorry I have only just seen your request let me see what I can do. The DNP will try and get local green space designation for Manor Gardens which will protect it from any further development. The Working group will then have to submit a detailed costed plan to Full Council before we can move this forward.
    Best regards

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