Dartmouth Town center regeneration fund of £50,000

 At the recent Council Covid recovery meeting held on Zoom we were told that Dartmouth would be eligible for up to £50,000  from SHDC to help  with High Street Regeneration, with the condition that this would have to be match funded. This will require us to find similar funding from within the town in order to receive this boost. However, assuming we find this match funding, the question is where would we spend this £50,000 in order to have the biggest impact on the towns economy? With the match funding this will amount to £100,000.

Dartmouth Business News agreed to ask the community this question. So if you have any ideas on how this money should be spent then please let us know through this post by adding your comment at the bottom of the page. In order to help you we are going to list some of the ideas that have come up during the meeting.

One idea was to extend the area of lighting along the whole embankment and up into the town on the main retail streets. With late opening likely after the lockdown it would be a very attractive addition to the night-time economy

Another idea was to invest in more permanent sun shades and seating areas on the South Embankment for alfresco summer hospitality. Something which everyone enjoyed tremendously last year. The Councillors warned that we may not get permission for this outside seating in future years so your opinion on this is important.

Additional support for our many events including the regatta, food and Music festivals

Additional support for Dartmouth Green Partnership. Extra flower beds or bigger greenhouse. An investment here would provide long term benefits to the town and enhance its appearance for a long time. What do you think?

Here is the idea from Carole Hart-Fletcher: Outdoor gym equipment is a great idea for improving the general health of the town. I would be there every day?

The town council are keen to hear your ideas no matter how off the wall (damming the Boat Float!!!) they may be. Please give us your suggestions through this page by commenting below.


  1. I believe permanent sun shades on the south embankment are the best investment for the town. Last year they ensured the survival of our small businesses and enhanced the image of Dartmouth significantly.

  2. Permanent sun shades would be a great idea. The South Embankment looked great last summer. I also think that Electric vehicle charging points are a priority within the town.

  3. The TIC provides a walk in point of contact for tourists. And that effectively reinforces their post-purchase of Dartmouth as a Quality Tourist Destination.
    The whole building needs sprucing up and a public WiFi point allowing users in the garden immediately behind the Newcomen Engine wold be good.

  4. Thorough (steam?)cleaning, removal of weeds and rubbish from the streets and shelters.
    I do not mean selecting areas for ease of access/high footfall.
    The town is looking really unloved/scruffy.
    The ex hospitlal is an eyesore.
    What a fiasco and discrace to the

  5. Alfresco dining on the Sourh Embankment. Better litter provision and collection during peak holiday periods. Upgrade and maintain seating and street furniture around the town.

  6. Ideally cover Fosse St and Duke St with water and wind proof roofing although I fully understand that £100k would not be sufficient it could act as seed corn funding to “winter” proof part of the shopping district.

    • Shaun, I like the idea but it ignores the fact that we also have a vibrant retail community down the Lower street end of town. We have tended to be the poor relatives in retail promotion of the town.

  7. Please - no more lighting! We should be trying to reduce light pollution, and, unless non fossil fuel generated, the power demands of the town.
    Augmenting funds for Dartmouth Green Partnership to help with plant purchase.
    Provision of extra litter bins, and an improved arrangement between DCC & SHDC for daily emptying in peak season.

  8. Al fresco dining on the South Embankment, but done in such a way that its main purpose as a promenade with seating to provide river views is respected.
    Improved litter collection, particularly in peak season - this to include better opportunities for recycling.
    Improve the P&R - town centre link, but you will first have to encourage people to use buses over their cars; not easy post-Covid.
    Electric charging points are coming - help make a start.

  9. I note that this money is on offer to the Town, and so I feel that seeking improvements to services or assets that are supposed to be undertaken/supported by the SHDC and/or the DCC, and of course Stagecoach (electric bus idea), means the money will actually go ‘elsewhere’. The continual lack of a coherent strategic plan for the development of the town (which should be a foundation stone for the operations of the Town Council), means that we are never correctly positioned to take full advantage of potential windfalls such as this. Consequently, I think I support Dave Cawley’s suggestion for the money to be directed at the TIC, and yet consider this would be an act of faith on my part, that they actually have a plan for their re-invention in a modern age of how they intend to promote the Town as a whole in the future.

    • Thanks for this James your views are understood. One of the ideas discussed in the Zoom meeting was the refurbishment of the Toilets, but like you, I believe that is what our Council Tax is for.

  10. I am submitting an idea here on behalf of my neighbour Carole Hart-Fletcher. She suggested that an outdoor exercise area like the one I am about to post on this page would be a good use of the funds and may improve the general health of the community!

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