Dartmouth rises up the ranks for popular UK seaside towns

Dartmouth has just come a close second to St Mawes in a new Which report on the most popular seaside towns in the UK. Beating many local rivals including St Ives and Salcombe, Dartmouth scored an impressive 84% which was very close to the top resort St Mawes.

In an extract from the article which you can read by clicking on the image above, Dartmouth was rated only 3 star rating for peace and quiet! but outscored all our local rivals on other aspects.

This is a real feather in the cap for Dartmouth, and the rating would probably have been higher if the new South Embankment hospitality night spot had been in place.

And on that matter can I ask your opinions on the new seating arrangements on Dartmouth’s South Embankment. I have heard only positive views on how it has given Dartmouth a new and exciting feel. As someone who has always thought we do not take full advantage of our beautiful riverside location I have enjoyed a couple of drinks there myself (perhaps more than a couple!!!).Brenda enjoying a pleasant refreshment on the new South Embankment hospitality area.

We must make this a permanent feature of Dartmouth’s riverside. But do you agree?

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  1. I don’t mind the tables & chairs but get rid of the tent & the cooking on the South Embankment. That tent is the thin end of the wedge - once one pub/restaurant starts doing it then they’ll all want to put up a tent. The river will be totally obscured. Stop the cooking as well - I don’t want to smell cooking when walking along the Embankment. Keep the cooking inside the pub/restaurant.

  2. The seating along the Butterwalk is making it too difficult to get down Duke Street, especially for wheelchair users or people with buggies - and with scaffolding opposite ruling out use of the pavement there. Access into first shops is blocked.

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