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There has been some criticism of the Patients Participation Group over the last weeks since the demise of both the Cottage Hospital and the River View Care Home. In fact this blog suggested that they needed a website in order to communicate more effectively with the community so that we can both, understand their role, and provide our own input to the debate.

Well it turns out they already have a website containing all the details people were asking for, such as membership of the group and minutes of their meetings. We are therefore publishing the details of their website here so the community can learn more about their activities and find out what role they played in the disastrous events of the last few months.

Click here to see their website:

We have not had time to study the content of this website but it is useful to find a lot of the information local people have been demanding on social media is actually already available on this site. We find it disappointing that the PPG did not publicise this site more effectively as it would have diverted a lot of the criticisms they have suffered before they went public.


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