Dartmouth Patients Participation Group annual meeting - postponed


The PPG is sorry to have to cancel the Dart Patients annual members meeting at short notice owing to the last-minute unavailability of two key speakers. Most importantly Dr Eynon Lewis has been called to an urgent meeting in London related to his training responsibilities as Head of Primary and Community Care Education at Plymouth University and cannot attend our meeting. There is no point in holding our AMM without the GP partner who works with the PPG being present.

In addition, the decision by NHS Torbay and South Devon Hospital Trust and Clinical Commissioning Group to disband the Health and Wellbeing Working Group has been a huge disappointment. Part of our AMM was to be used to discuss progress on the Health and Wellbeing Centre project.  The PPG are now waiting for the Trust and CCG to clarify how we move forward. We feel that this issue should be resolved before our AMM takes place. Holding our AMM, without clarity on next steps, will not allow for a productive discussion. The new date for the AMM will be announced when this matter has been resolved, hopefully in the near future.

Read the Chair’s report for 2018-19 here.


  1. We are well used to the promises from NHS Torbay and South Devon Hospital Trust and Clinical Commissioning Group not being worth the paper they are written on.

    We are meant to have an enhanced team to provide care in our homes to make up for the closure of the Dartmouth Hospital. That was yet another lie that was ‘true when they said it’. They wish us to believe they are well intentioned when they promise things, but they just lie, lie, and lie again.

    We know when they’re lying because they are speaking. Why do we even consider trusting them?

  2. Waiting for the Trust to clarify how we move forward.
    Are we as a Town unable to make our own decisions.
    Agree with Tims comments, We need fair representation
    on the PPG ,
    There are many people waiting and have put names forward

    • Jacky: What is not “fair” about the composition of Dart Patients PPG? NB PPG members have been elected at Dart Patients Annual Meetings and currently includes 4 “members” of DAHAG and you are one of these.

  3. posting this comment on behalf of Tony Crawford:
    The question of how to get Dartmouth and District walking patients to
    Torbay Hospital in time for appointments, using the quickest and most
    convenient form of transport, has been asked by many people over the
    past twenty-five years to my knowledge, and has not yet been answered.
    The best suggestion would be to use the Higher Ferry with either a
    shuttle bus to link up with the Stage Coach 12 or 12a Brixham to Newton
    Abbot service, which incidentally is rated one of the best in this
    Country, and which travels to the outskirts of the Hospital Grounds
    every ten minutes. or introduce a mini-bus service from The Embankment
    to Torquay Sea front where the 35c service runs to the main hospital
    entrance frequently throughout the day.
    Something needs to be done urgently as the problem has increased
    dramatically following the closure of Dartmouth Cottage Hospital, and
    our long suffering residents having to wait such a long time for any
    likely replacement!

    Tony Crawford

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