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Coronation Park car parking proposal

The text below is extracted from the South Hams District Councils website. I was informed about it by someone who had a flyer placed on their car windscreen in town. I am surprised to find no mention of this survey on the Dartmouth Town Council website, but even more surprised to find that the Chamber of commerce has been involved in the study. The Dartmouth Chamber of Trade was struck off by Companies house in December last year for failure to submit statutory accounts and so no longer exists or is at least dormant. It has no committee and no member meetings so how it was consulted for this survey I do not understand.

The new Town Councillors, elected on a mandate of more transparent communications, make no mention of this survey on their website. I cannot find any mention in the Dartmouth Chronicle either. I do hope that Councillors will support Cllr Campos in her efforts to improve the communications links between the Town Council and the community. I have been supporting Cllr Campos in this mission but it must be implemented properly or it will become a broken promise. Please don’t forget why we elected you.

Dartmouth Parking Survey

How do you feel about parking in Dartmouth? We want to know what you think. ​

In partnership with Dartmouth Town Council, Dartmouth Chamber of Commerce and Devon County Council, we’re running a survey and would like as many people as possible to take part in. ​

The questions cover matters such as car park signage, pricing and availability, as well as asking residents how often they use the car parks and how long they park for.

​To take part in the survey, which should take no more than ten minutes, please click on the button below

Dai Antill, our Engagement Officer, will be at the Flavel Centre on the following dates, and will have an i-pad with him, to enable anyone who wants to complete the survey to do so:


Thursday 19 September, 1-4pm

Wednesday 25 September, 1-4pm

Tuesday 1 October, 10am-1pm

Monday 14 October, 12 midday-3pm.


In addition, Dai will be in the marquee at the Food Festival each day, from 10am to 2pm,


  1. Paul

    As you tend to forget only the “Limited Company” of the Chamber of Trade was struck of due to debts incurred over the Dartmouth BID. The Chamber of Trade Still exists, but no, as far as I know they in whatever form were not consulted, and I don’t know how they might have been !


    • The Chamber is dormant, as I state in this post. The reason it was struck off was its failure to submit statutory accounts unless you have written proof I am wrong. My point was that it was not consulted.

  2. I have just tried to accurately complete the parking survey and it is so badly drafted and the questions so poorly presented and optioned that you can’t answer it properly

  3. That was truly award winning…so what’s your point?
    People in downtown get a permit
    People up town get a permit
    New housing estate becomes new park and ride

  4. 1. Change WINTER date parking signs to, at the vey least, read “NO OVERNIGHT PARKING” - which would prevent residents/visitors leaving their cars/vans/mobile homes for days, weeks, even months at a time between September and May.
    2. Suggest SMALL parking spaces (i.e. outside the Flavel) be stamped with “Compact Cars Only” or an understandable abbreviation - avoiding door damage made by SUVS and vans. (Last time the white lines were repainted would have been an opportunity to mark the spaces with white paint wording to prevent large vehicles from squeezing into small spaces and damaging other cars.)

  5. Has there been any update on the results of the survey? I would also be interested to know what plans are in place for Charging areas for Electric Vehicles in the Town and whether they are considering Lamp post charging as a way of making the Town more environmentally friendly and reduce harmful air pollution

    • Paul As far as I am aware there has been no result published. However the Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan group, of which I am a member, is looking at this issue in some depth. You can see the extent of the debate on our website https://dartmouthplan.org/
      The place to look is the Community Feedback menu item where all of our correspondence is displayed. We are looking at parking and EV charging points as well as many other traffic issues in Dartmouth.

  6. I have noticed the extortionate increase in Annual Business Parking Passes (see below). How is it possible that these have increased by over 120% from the £600 or so for the full Roaming package last year?
    The Mayors avenue Only cost of £854 is 40% increase on last years Full package!
    Also, surely , if they want to encourage everybody to use the Park and Ride then why also charge an extra £284 for the benefit. How have they got away with this??

    Where can I park?
    You can park in the following car parks:

    Permit Type Car Park Cost
    Roaming Business Permit Poundwell Meadow, Modbury
    Leonards Road (Ivybridge)
    Longmarsh, Totnes
    Steamer Quay, Totnes
    Old Market, Totnes
    North Street, Totnes
    The Nursery, Totnes
    Heath Way, Totnes
    Pavilion, Totnes (Long Stay only, not valid in reserved bays)
    Mayors Avenue, Dartmouth (not valid in reserved bays)
    Park And Ride, Dartmouth
    Strete Gate, Slapton
    Slapton Memorial, Slapton
    Torcross Tank, Torcross
    Torcross Village Layby, Torcross
    Cattle Market, Kingsbridge
    Lower Union Road, Kingsbridge
    Quay, Kingsbridge
    Duncombe Park, Kingsbridge
    Bigbury Upon Sea
    Creek, Salcombe (Apr - Sep, not valid in reserved bays)
    Shadycombe, Salcombe (Oct - Mar, not valid in reserved bays)
    North Sands, Salcombe

    Bigbury Business Bigbury-on-Sea £1025
    Ivybridge Business Leonards Road £341
    Modbury Business Poundwell Meadow £427
    Slapton and Torcross Business Strete Gate
    Slapton Memorial
    Torcross Tank
    Torcross Layby £683
    Salcombe Business
    (Only available to pre-existing Town Centre Business Permit Holders)
    Shadycombe (October to March)
    Creek (April to September)
    North Sands £726
    Kingsbridge Business Duncombe Park
    Cattle Market
    Lower Union Road £683
    Totnes Business
    Old Market
    Heath Way
    North Street
    Pavilions Long Stay

    Dartmouth Business
    (Only available to pre-existing Town Centre Business Permit Holders)
    Mayors Avenue £854
    Park and Ride Business Dartmouth Park and Ride £284

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