Dartmouth Parking changes - what do you think?

The Dartmouth Chronicle this week carried an article explaining the changes planned to parking regulations in Mayors avenue car park. The changes will involve a big reduction in the number of permit parking spaces to allow more space for visitor parking. This will reduce the space available for local business owners who require all day parking.

DB News has been sent correspondence from a local business owner, addressed to Cathy Aubertin at SWDevon Council protesting against these changes because they are biased against local business owners. We print an extract from this letter below and suggest that if you have a view on the proposed changes then you write to Cathy on the email address below, or write your comments on this article and we will forward them to Cathy:

Date: 23 January 2017 at 10:38:13 GMT
To: Cathy <[email protected]>
Subject: Objection to Parking Changes

Dear Cathy

We strongly object to these proposed amendments, in regards to Dartmouth parking.

(h)       New permits to be limited to one vehicle registration number only, with the exception of Business Permits.

 We are an independent family business, like many in Dartmouth, with children in different schools and different daily schedules, which requires the flexibility of coming into town and parking in either car. This is unfairly penalising many people for no reason other than trying to generate more money, unless the cost of a permit is reduced by 50%, which I very much doubt it will be.

(i)         The availability of permits to be limited to 10% of the total number of parking bays available for each category of permit.

This is purely penalising local families. In the winter on-street parking is rarely available as some people park up almost permanently in unrestricted spaces. Equally more and more spaces over the years have become time restricted even in the winter.
In the summer many of the time restricted spaces are left empty all day, we have photographic evidence of this, probably due to the fact so many are limited to 1 or 2 hours, which is far too short a time for them to be actively used. People coming into town, want to go for a walk, shop and eat.
We run a Dartmouth business but live in the  countryside, where public transport is not available and with the park and ride only available for around half the year, it is crucial to be able to drive into town and park. Where do you propose we park? I would like to hear the councils suggestions. 
So reducing the spaces where families and business can park is utterly counter productive when no real alternative is being offered.  We need to be able to park in order to run businesses in the town, if not there will be nothing for the visitors to come and see and do.
Equally beyond very peak periods i.e. the last 2 weeks of August and summer Saturdays, there are always spaces available in Mayors Avenue but again a 4 hour time slot is no good for those running businesses that are open for 8 hours.
The council really need to come up with more parking solutions than restrictions, we have to have somewhere to park and this is simply taking away the ability for those that work and don’t live in town any other options. 
Chevron parking down College Hill would be one solution that could provide a 100 more spaces.

Additional questions have been raised by local business owners:

I have asked for clarification but appears they are also proposing to remove all parking on North embankment for waiting only? That would loose loads of spaces…..

Sorry additional point, if the reduced allocated passes go ahead, how are they going to ensure they are prioritised for locals without parking and businesses without parking and not all just allocated to second home owners and then not used for most of the year?

We also have a copy of the traffic order detailing all of the changes:








Issues like this used to be discussed by the local transport committee, with members from the town council, district council and the chamber of trade. This committee seems to have disbanded, if not please make your views known.


  1. Extremely well espressed … the local businesses are part of the beating heart of our town … these people need support not obstacles to running a business in Dartmouth.

  2. Excellent letter, agree with all the points raised. We’ll be sending something similar to SHDC. I wonder if they’ll listen? It will directly negatively impact on small independent business owners who don’t live in Dartmouth. This proposal will harm the town and appears to have been drafted by people who are disconnected from the communities they are supposed to represent.

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