Dartmouth Initiative Group win 11 out of 16 seats

The DIG group have succeeded in winning 11 out of the 16 seats on Dartmouth Town Council. In doing so they unseated some long standing Councillors who have served for many years such as Paul Allen, David Gent, Tony Fyson and Richard Cooke.

Here is the result as announced by Dartmouth Town Council:

The results are in for the Townstal ward of the Local Elections

Dartmouth Townstal

Margaret Baillie, Ind, 199 ELECTED 
Nathan Bodinnar, DIG, 277 ELECTED
Lynn Gunningle, DIG 147
Lewis Hazel, DIG, 130
Dawn Shepherd, DIG, 259 ELECTED
Graham Webb, DIG, 277 ELECTED
Mandy Webber, DIG, 253 ELECTED
David Wells, Ind, 238 ELECTED

Here are the results for the Clifton ward:

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