Dartmouth footfall - week 6 - 2021

Here are the footfall figures from Springboard for week 6 2021. The pattern remains the same as the previous few weeks but out of interest I am publishing the figures for the same week in 2018 (the last time we had figures for this week).

We will also stick our neck out and predict that when the lockdown is lifted on non-essential retail there will be a big swing back to high street shopping , because people have missed it so much during the lockdown. Hopefully people will understand that ” if you don’t use it you will lose it

Here is the footfall chart for week 6 - 2018 just for comparison. What this shows is that we were seeing big annual drops in footfall in 2018 compared to the rest of the UK and the South West area. That decline had been developing for some years for reasons we will not explore here. So the results for last week show a recovery to levels we used to have some years ago.

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