Dartmouth footfall - week 5 - 2021

Hot from the press at Springboard we now have the footfall figures for Dartmouth in week 5 (last week). Needless to say there is not a significant change over the previous few weeks figures with Dartmouth showing a lower drop in footfall than other parts of the UK. However we must remember that we were not getting any Springboard footfall data last year so we don’t really know the base level of footfall we are comparing to. Also when we are looking at much smaller footfall levels then the percentage figure will naturally vary much more with small changes in footfall.

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  1. The Titanic is sinking and with it the man rearranging the deck chairs. To get this with many High Street giants crashing around the country is extremely depressing. I resent the government pouring resources into High Street businesses which were going bankcrupt before the pandemic. And now we hear there are £30b of fraudulent claims. I’ve had enough and the sooner the Dartmouth High Street sinks without trace the better. Is there no foresight at all ?

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