Dartmouth Footfall - week 48

Week beginning 27th November

figures are as follows:

Again a 30% decrease in Dartmouth footfall but also big drops in the UK and the South West as well.

Just to put these figures in context lets understand exactly what they show us. They are simply a count of how many people walk past the camera over the old National Trust shop. We don’t know who they are, we don’t know where they have come from and we don’t know how much they will spend in the town. These are just numbers that indicate the level of activity on our main street, The Quay.

Of course it would be useful to analyse these figures further but my motivation in publishing them is to make the business and resident community aware that we have a reduced level of high street traffic in Dartmouth. The inevitable effect of that is that there will be slightly less spent in the town. I don’t know how much less and I don’t know what businesses will lose the most. I am simply trying to wake up those responsible for stimulating footfall to get a response.

Does the DVC still accept responsibility for promoting the town? If so then what action can they take to improve this situation? If not then what service are their subscribers actually paying for?

My answers would be - Yes they are responsible and yes they must invest more to promote the town. So where does the money come from? If they do the job well then subscribers will happily pay, if not then the Council may have to support them more.

I don’t know what the answer is but please can we have a proper debate about the problem and look for solutions instead of challenging the figures and questioning the camera location.


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