Dartmouth footfall - week 46 - 2020

We now have the latest Springboard footfall figures for Dartmouth Quay in week 46. The figures show a dramatic reduction in footfall compared to last year. However the figure is similar for all areas of the UK so it is obviously a uniform reduction brought on by the lockdown.

Clearly there is nothing we can read into this figure, just that we are suffering as much as the rest of the country during the lockdown! Our concern now, with the likelihood of a vaccine within a few months, is how do we respond when people are allowed to take overseas holidays again next year? We can assume there will be pent up demand for holidaying abroad again, with the result that we will see our visitor levels decline to pre-lockdown levels. We believe it is vital to counter this with a marketing programme that reminds our visitors how lovely and convenient it is to holiday in a lovely place like Dartmouth. We should be reminding them how much they enjoyed avoiding the hassle of trans national flights, hot cramped airports, lost luggage etc (is it working?).

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