Dartmouth footfall - week 45

Here are the footfall figures for week 45 (week beginning 6th November).

I will publish without comment or analysis:


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  1. Down 32% on the same week last year! That’s serious and not to be ignored. I spoke with a couple of business owners at the weekend. One publican with a good local following and very active online marketing said takings were significantly down. A food retailer said footfall sales were down around 30%, although through very flexible and intelligent tactics he has maintained overall viability. That’s just anecdotal, but it might be time for a well crafted survey of those businesses that are affected by footfall.

  2. Are you able to pass on some questions to Springboard? I can’t see any information to suggest there are any of their cameras in Salcombe, Brixham, Paignton, Totnes or Kingsbridge? Do they publish a list of the South West locations they record data for, so we can see where we are being benchmarked against? When quoting for new clients do they ever recommend one camera as sufficient for representative town centre data for towns of Dartmouth’s size? Also, do they ever re-calibrate/service the one camera that remains on the quay since the BID folded here? When was it last checked to ensure the 95% accuracy they claim is still valid?

      • Thank you - something about the figures just doesn’t feel right to me. Not saying there aren’t challenges now and going forward re footfall, but the massive falls Springboard are regularly reporting don’t reflect our experience or some other business owners in the town that I’ve spoken to. I realise that’s anecdotal, so it would be useful if they could feedback on my questions. Cheers!

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