Dartmouth footfall - week 42 - 2018

The numbers are in for the week of the food festival and show a drop in footfall of 12% compared to last year and a big increase of 31% on the previous week. This is quite surprising as the weather was great and the town felt as though it was buzzing. However the camera doesn’t lie (despite what our Town Councillors would like to believe!) and I can only assume the general lack of marketing for the town has had an impact on the visitor levels for the Food FestivaL, also probably only 2 days of the festival counted towards the total.

The festival organiser’s did a fantastic job and created a festival to remember so they have done all they can to bring visitors to the town.

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  1. Hi Paul - sorry to cast doubt on your figures but there is no way that we had fewer people in town than last year. All the stall holders in RAG sold out of produce and so did a number of other stallholders. Plus the fact that not only was the P&R main car park full but also the overflow and also the coach park which has never happened before H x

    • Helen, I agree it doesn’t seem to make sense from what I saw, but I have challenged the technical people at Springboard three times now and they assure me that the numbers are accurate. I will ask again. However I must say that this was the best Food Festival yet and congratulate you on a fantastic job. ( and the rest of the committee and volunteers of course)

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