Dartmouth Footfall - Week 40

Here are the footfall camera results for week 40 (October 2nd)

It is of course dangerous to over analyse these figures. There may be special circumstances that have caused this drop. However the national and west country figures do not reflect the same level of reduction in comparison so Dartmouth must be losing out to other West Country towns.

The trend over the last 8 weeks has been worrying as you can see from this chart:

If it continues at this reduced level for much longer then it will be vital to respond in some way. The question we always ask is -

Who will respond?

Who feels responsible for these visitor levels?

How will they respond?

Is it the Town Council, the Chamber of Trade, the Dartmouth Visitor Center, Visit South Devon or any of the other organisations involved in our tourist industry. We hope these questions will be answered by someone.

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