Dartmouth footfall - week 40 - 2020

Today we have received the latest footfall figures for Dartmouth during last week, week 40 2020. They show again a consistently better performance than, both the rest of the UK, and the South West as a whole. With a year on year drop of under 1% we are performing almost as well as we did last year, whereas the South West and UK are down by 33% and 41% respectively. Remember however that our footfall had been dropping consistently over the years so this recovery is probably long overdue.

Why is it happening? Impossible to surmise. However the preference for UK holidays is an obvious contributor but the weather last week was not good, so that cant be a factor. If any readers have ideas on what is behind this resurgence please comment below this post. Clearly it is valuable to have a better understanding of what is happening here.

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