Dartmouth Footfall - week 39 - 2020

Well I can’t explain this one!!! You can see from the latest Springboard report that footfall in Dartmouth has gone up dramatically. It is now 11% above the previous week but, more important, it is 26% above the same week last year. Now this is in line with the views of the Dartmouth Visitor Centre which has said that Dartmouth accommodation is fully booked through to the end of October. Which means we could see an extended season which will show higher footfall than last year consistently to the end of October. Lets see if that is right over the next few weeks.

A significant factor will have been the exceptionally warm weather we have experienced over the last 2 weeks but it is also an indicator that tourists have rediscovered the delights of Dartmouth due to the restrictions on overseas travel.

Here are the numbers:

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