1. Devon recently came top in the country in a substantial yougov poll, beating Cornwall. However the marketing of Devon and South Devon and Dartmouth is woeful, especially next to Cornwall which is 20% up vs the Dartmouth 30% decline. Needs real focus, a strategic marketing plan, comprehensive social media and a welcoming town. If the USP is tourism, the economy is tourist driven, the jobs in tourism then I would agree a lot more focus is needed because it’s “radio silence” on the marketing of Dartmouth it seems… just a view.

    • Colin Sadly you are one of only a few people who are prepared to recognise our problem but there are none who are prepared to take any action. The Town Council has Board representation on the Visitor Center but does not use it to redirect the efforts of the center. Its role now appears to be focused on helping visitors when they come here and not trying to attract them here in the first place. We have offered to help but our offers have been rejected which is a shame. I am now trying to add more data to the footfall figures to try and get a better picture of what is happening here. Traffic numbers ferry numbers etc. Ill post any results here.

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