Dartmouth footfall - week 31 - 2020

We have just received the Springboard footfall data for last week (week 31). It shows a similar trend to the previous week with Dartmouth performing better than both the West-Country and the UK overall. However the difference is not as marked as it was last week.

It should also be remembered that Dartmouth was seeing a decline in footfall for a long period before the lock-down. Although we did not get any figures for week 31 2019 we do have the numbers for week 31 2018 which showed a footfall reduction of -30% on the previous year.

It is slightly ironic that a national crisis like this has reversed the downwards trend of Dartmouth’s visitor numbers but lets enjoy the boom while it is here. (I must admit that the sheer numbers of visitors have made the town center a slightly uncomfortable space to be in, although the embankment hospitality areas make up for this to some degree!

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  1. This reply will indeed be met with shock and horror by some or possibly the majority however I send it as a 24/7 resident.

    While many will be rejoicing in the long awaited footfall lift in Dartmouth, there are a great many local residents who refuse to enter the town unless absolutely necessary because of the Covid-19 risk level, it has not gone unnoticed that social distancing measures are not being kept by our visitors and the wearing of facial coverings too is not being adhered too by our visitors, so there is an understandable cause of concern that our community low risk history can easily change to medium or high, and there is nothing businesses can do to enforce this as its down to the individual responsibility, and (we) locals are concerned that our very welcomed visitors seem to have forgotten that we are still in a pandemic because they are on holiday, and just maybe there home turf maybe districts that have been put into extra lock down measures. how do we know who is who?…what is the answer, I dont know?, but I do fear C19 figures for our community in September / October, and for once I hope that my concerns come to nothing.

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