Dartmouth footfall week 28 2020 - encouraging news

We have the new footfall figures for week 28 and they make very interesting reading. The reporting has changed so we do not receive the comparison we used to get against UK and West-Country. However an email from Springboard does give us some clues.

When you compare these national figures with Dartmouth then we are faring quite well so far.

So week on week our increase of 85% is well above the UK average of 10.6% and up to 16.5% where hospitality businesses are located.

Also they state that footfall is over 50% down on last year on average whereas ours is only a quarter down on last year. Having said that our footfall has been steadily declining since 2010 with an upturn beginning over the last year or so. However we should be encouraged by our progress so far.


  1. However we should be encouraged by our progress so far, a fare statement but not shared by many 24/7 Dartmouth residents who are concerned and rightly so during this Covid-19 epidemic that our town all be it with safe distance measures in place is not being practiced, my greatest fear and I am far from paranoid is the Covid-19 stats for our community in August and September, we all want to see local business bounce back and survive the winter months of 2021 but medically and under the heading of duty of care for the community are we playing a game of Russian Roulette?

    • The people taking the real risks are the business owners and their employees so you should ask them if it’s worth it. Your concerns are quite valid but when is the right time to kick start our season?

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