Dartmouth footfall - week 24 - 2018

Here are the Springboard footfall figures for the Quay in Dartmouth for week 24. Remember we don’t create the numbers we just publish them!

It has been suggested these are a sign of retail decline, actually of more concern is that they are a sign of a tourism decline to Dartmouth. Retail decline is understandable with the swing to online shopping but the tourism decline is down to different causes. We must understand those causes better so that we can respond and reverse the decline. How can that be wrong?

Remember the Dartmouth Chamber of Trade and Businesses (what a mouthful!) has its EGM in July.

Wednesday 11 July 6:00 Clifton Room Dartmouth Guildhall
For the consideration of closing the above company
and appointing new officers

If you run a business in Dartmouth and you believe that you need a voice in key decisions please come along and support the Chamber.

Stay silent and your voice will be lost!


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