Dartmouth footfall - week 22 - 2018

Here are the footfall figures for Dartmouth Quay during week 22:

For the benefit of Cllr Bastone who criticised my obsession with footfall at the last Town Council meeting. In my absence I was unable to reply to his comments but here is a response:

I publish these figures because they are available free from Springboard and they are a useful source of information for most businesses in the town. The fact that they continue to show a big decline in footfall this year is not my fault, I am just the messenger. As a passionate supporter of the town I am also able to use my freedom of speech to offer opinions on why footfall has declined so much.

You claim the car park is full and your footfall in the DVC is up by 10%. I suggest you walk out of the DVC and look around the town, there are parking spaces available most of the time now. I also suggest you talk to businesses in the town who according to my survey (which I will publish next week) are feeling the effect of this downturn. (63% of respondents slightly or seriously affected). Talk to accommodation providers who should be subscribing to your organisation, the only ones I have spoken to are all feeling the effect.

All I am asking is for someone to respond to the problem and look for some solutions. As you are Chair of the old Tourist Information Center, which used to be very successful at encouraging visitors to Dartmouth, I suspect you might be the person to respond.

If you need any help then I am happy to pitch in. I am sure you will welcome all ideas to get Dartmouth back on the tourists map.

Paul Reach

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  1. All I ask is how can the public gain confidence locally when key figures able to promote Dartmouth are at war with each other…TIME OUT…please start working together without your professional expertise then working against each other paints a very sad picture for our wonderful town and its future.

  2. I have offered Steve if you note my last sentence above. The BID was a great example, but all attempts to help are rejected. You know how frustrating it is to watch the town in decline and be powerless to change it?

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