Dartmouth footfall - week 21 - 2021

Here are the footfall figures for Dartmouth in week 21. The dramatic growth over last year continues and a good increase over the previous week. I suspect we can all recognise this as the town is now crammed. Thank goodness for the South Embankment hospitality area without which we would not be able to find a seat for a drink/coffee in a month of Sundays.

What do you think of the crowds in Dartmouth now? Important for the economic health of the town but it does come with a downside! what do you think? comment below.


  1. Even the most stubborn “anti-visitor” residents would have to concede - this is just what the town needed to help it back in its economic feet.

    Let’s hope the Dartmouth brand sees benefits long term, and the season extends (over the years) to help support those festivals that Dartmouth is famous for.

    All it needs now is that oft-discussed unicorn that is - expansive underground parking at coronation park with EV chargers in every bay, and the grass laid back on top.

  2. Good points Michael but the other need for Dartmouth id an organisation to represent the interests of businesses in the town. The Chamber of Trade disappeared but I suspect the new generation of business owners might be encouraged to restart it. Without a unified voice they can only have a limited influence. This media channel (Dartmouth Business News) is only my opinions, which are probably outdated now.

    • Sadly Paul - I don’t believe the chamber would ever return as the chamber due to it’s long history of negative association and apathy. Having tried to get people together under the chamber banner - it was met with luke-warm platitudes, and nay-sayers. It wasn’t helping/or needed in the town. At least not in that form.

      What does appear to work well (and could thus be the start of a new representation) is the Dartmouth Business Breakfasts run by Stuart M, Alan DP, Trevor B. These have the advantage of an enjoyable basis upon which to meet - and synergies could be found for future representation.

      Hope you’re ok.

      • Mike - I am great thank you. My feeling was that perhaps the new generation of entrepreneurs starting businesses in Dartmouth might have the appetite to restart the Chamber leaving us old f—-ts and our apathy behind!!

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