Dartmouth footfall - week 2 (actual) - 2021

Here are the footfall figures for week 2 2021. If you are wondering what the headline means let me explain. I did not realise that 2020 had 53 weeks in it!!! If you look at Google calendar you will see that 1st January fell in week 53 so ignore the week number on my first two reports of 2021. This is actually the week 2 figures. Again our figures show a more positive result than the rest of the UK but is still a drop of over 50% on last year. However we can view this positively as an indication of a high observation level of the lockdown.

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  1. Repair of fencing to the grassed area required before there is a serious injury to a small child or pet dog.
    The cut back of shrubbery has exposed gaps leading to a sheer drop.

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