Dartmouth footfall - week 18 - 2021

Here are the Dartmouth footfall figures for week 18 2021. We are seeing a consistent pattern of increases over last year that are twice as much as the rest of the UK and the South West. Remember we are looking at small numbers so the percentages will vary by significant amounts. However it remains an encouraging sign for the town and lets hope the new visitors remember their experience when they think about their holidays next year.

Included below is the footfall report from Springboard for the UK retail scene:

 Footfall in UK retail destinations declined by -4.1% last week from the week before
 Footfall declined by -6.6% in high streets, -1.5% in shopping centres and -1.3% in
retail parks
 Footfall dropped in all regions in the UK except Northern Ireland, where footfall rose
by +21.1% due to the reopening of retail on Friday 30th April
 At a UK level, the decline in footfall from 2019 now sits at -27.2% in shopping centres,
-35.6% in high streets and just -1.3% in retail parks
MONDAY 10 May 2021 – Latest data from retail experts Springboard reveals that footfall in UK retail
destinations declined by -4.1% last week from the week before. This was largely due to a drop in
activity in high streets of -6.6%, whilst in retail parks and shopping centres footfall declined by just
-1.3% and -1.5%; the contrast being clear evidence of the impact of the rainy conditions. The
reduction in activity was widespread across the UK, spanning all areas apart from Northern Ireland,
where the rise in footfall of +21.1% reflected the impact of the reopening of retail on Friday 30th

All type of high streets were impacted last week, with a drop in footfall of as much -10.1% in market
towns. In Central London, however, which throughout the pandemic has been the most severely
impacted city in the UK, footfall remained virtually level with a dip of just -0.8% from the week
before compared with a drop of -5.2% in Outer London. Despite this, footfall in Central London last
week was still -61.2% lower than its 2019 level compared with Outer London where it was -16.6%
lower than its level two years ago.

At a UK level, the decline in footfall from 2019 was -35.6% in high streets and -27.2% in shopping
centres, whilst in retail parks it was just -1.3%.

Diane Wehrle, Insights Director at Springboard commented: “Rain across much of the UK for most
of last week meant that footfall dipped again from the week before. The impact of the rain was
evident, with a more modest drop in activity in the enclosed environments of shopping centres and
in retail parks that are easily accessible by car than in high streets.

“The ongoing resilience of retail parks throughout the pandemic in retaining shopper numbers meant
that last week footfall in this destination type was only marginally below the 2019 pre-pandemic
level. In contrast footfall in both high streets and shopping centres remained more than a quarter
below than their levels in 2019, however it is likely to be these two destination types that will
receive the greatest boost from the reopening of indoor hospitality next week.”


Interview requests

Diane Wehrle, Springboard Insights Director is available for interviews or commentary. For interviews or requests
for additional footfall data please contact Four Communications;
[email protected]
Nicola – 07818 535 989
Caspar – 07927 089 538
Springboard is the leading provider of insights on bricks and mortar retail activity, tracking and forecasting
footfall and delivering performance metrics across all key retail destination types at national and regional
levels since 2002. Springboard has the most comprehensive footfall data set in the UK using the latest
generation automated technology, recording over 159 million footfall counts per week at 3,600 counting points
in 1,300 shopping locations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Springboard is part of the
Government High Street Task Force working to revitalise local high streets across the UK. Springboard’s
footfall data is included within the weekly ONS “Coronavirus and the latest indicators for the
UK economy and society” report.

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